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  • General
    • Gene Reconstructions / Protein Count by Organism
    • Domain Count by Protein Length
    • Species Frequency
  • Alignments
    • PDB Coverage / Sequence Length by Protein
    • Alignments by Year
    • Alignment Length and Corresponding PDB Chain Length
    • Amount of Insertions and Deletions
  • Secondary Structures
    • Secondary Structures by Length
    • Consensus Secondary Structures by Length
    • Length Ratio of Consensus Secondary Structures
    • Secondary Structure Coverage by Protein Length
  • Gene Structure
    • Intron Count by Protein Length
    • Amount of Introns in Consensus Secondary Structures
    • Position of Introns in Consensus Secondary Structures
    • Consensus Secondary Structures with Specific Amount of Introns
    • Intron Frames
    • Exon Frames
    • Amount of Proteins With a Specific Amount of Exons
  • Codon Usage
    • E. coli & S. frugiperda CAI of PDB Chains
    • Offset of Rare Codons to Consensus Secondary Structure Borders
    • Offset of Rare Codons to Pfam Domain Borders
    • Distance of Neighbouring Rare Codons (~ 5 min)
    • Amount and Probability of Rare Codons per Secondary Structure Type
    • Codon Frequencies per Secondary Structure Type


General Statistics

PDBs 94,148
Proteins 53,090 number of organisms 4,244
Eukaryotic Proteins 37,486
... with reconstructed Gene 18,516
Secondary Structures 4,815,411
Domain Predictions 408,114
Alignments 9,352,562